Weather Risk: The Next Frontier


As you’ve probably noticed, things are starting to look different around here — a new logo, new brand (but same name), and new colors.  A new era in Stormpulse has begun.  And I’m excited to share that these changes are more than skin deep. Over the past the two years, we’ve spent hundreds of hours on the phone with business owners, military officers, and managers from companies large and small, listening to the ways they talk about and manage their exposure to nasty weather and how it impacts their business operations. What did we learn? I’m excited to say that we have a plan to change the game in each of these areas.  Our first set of changes based on these conversations is launching today.  What have we improved? search_bar_risk asset_management_new_999 risk_assessment-3   To keep it short and sweet, this is obviously a very brief overview.  In the coming days and weeks, we’re going to create videos and posts on this blog to help guide you through these improvements, to help you get the most out of them. I should also say: If you haven’t used our product yet and are looking for a better way to manage catastrophic events like hurricanes and severe weather, why don’t you give us a call (1-800-645-8480) or send us an email ( And yes, we finally have a 90-second video that explains what we do — enjoy! Can’t wait to show you what’s next … Matt
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